BDJ Launch Weekend: Dare to be You!

You'll know the current year is coming to a close when your start to hear Christmas songs, see Christmas decorations set up, and when planners for the next year are launched! 

This time, the journal and planner community had an exciting welcome for the upcoming year in the first Belle de Jour Power Planner's BDJ Launch Weekend

Held in the East Wing of EDSA Shangri-la Plaza, Viviamo's launch for 2018 planners, journals, and new paper products was held for 2 fulfilling days (October 21-22); providing a venue towards enjoyable activities for loyal Bellas and newbies alike. 

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The theme was Dare to Be You, a movement for Bellas to be appreciative and confident about themselves, as they truly have a lot to offer the world. BDJ have been supporting personal development and women empowerment, and the theme snugly fits to their principles and what they aim for. <Proud Bella here!> Proceeds of the launch would be donated to charity.

BDJ Launch Weekend booths

The BDJ Launch Weekend was four-fold, which comprises of (1) talks, (2) workshops, (3) booths, and of course (4) the crafters market. BDJ intended that the event to have a more intimate feel, where participants can know more about themselves and get to enjoy the experience with others. 

Talks were centered to cater goals under aspects we can all relate to - Planner, Finance, Fashion, Fitness, Minimalist, Travel, Life, and Health! Workshops for the creatives were also fun and sulit - watercolor, calligraphy, doodling, dream catcher, and designing your planner spreads. Even I was confused on what to attend. I wanted to try a lot! Since I'm leaning towards minimalist goals, I took on Bullet Journaling, Declutter, and Strengths-Driven talks. Meanwhile, I took the watercolor workshop to improve what I started this year.

Dream catcher inspirations for the DIY workshop!

#GoalGurus Talks

#PlannerGoals: Bullet Journaling for Day to Day – Belle O. Mapa 
Ms. Belle gave a talk on the history of Bullet Journalling (BuJo) and how to use the system in organizing our lives though the journal. She presented the backbone of BuJo; the pages essential to the system: (1) the Index, (2) Key, (3) Monthly, (4) Future, (5) Daily, and (6) Collections.

Ms. Belle Mapa from
Comfortable and fluid, Ms. Belle breezed through the presentation. She even brought her own BuJo to show the Bellas! She also shared pegs for each essential page (inspirations from the net), focusing on how to apply the system and making the BuJo our very own. The BuJo adapts to the user, rather than the other way around, which makes it simple and efficient, but exciting at the same time.

#PlannerGoals: Bujo 101: Beginners Guide – Paula Binsol/Rai Bianca Espeno

Ms. Paula Binsol (left) and Ms. Rai Bianca Espeno (right)
Beginning with Ms. Rai explaining the BuJo System, the talk eased into Ms. Paula's presentation on how she, a Medical student used BuJo and how it helped her organize her hectic schedule. She also touched the topic of goal setting, which can be incorporated in the BuJo in a personal way.

#LifeGoals: Strengths-driven 2018 – Coach Pia Nazareno-Acevedo / Celine Sugay
Ms. Celine Sugay from The OneCORE

Ms. Celine Sugay, a life coach at The One Core, discussed goal setting in a different perspective: through the MICK (Motivation, Inspiration, Cheer, and Kindness). She said that if the MICK is low, we should not make big decisions as it might get compromised. She suggested to improve the MICK first, one level at a time, to eventually get the maximum benefits of the system in decision making. The MICK can be assessed as frequent as everyday.

With Ms. Celine :)

#MinimalistGoals: Declutter for a happier you – Ayesa Aya

Talk with Ms. Ayessa Aya of Declutter MNL

Ms. Ayessa Aya, a diplomat's wife, got into the decluttering business because of her personal experience of moving regularly from one country to another. She shares sympathy for expats who experience the same difficulty, and helps them in selling their items and helping them move on faster from any emotional attachments to the things they let go of.

Her insights on how decluttering (that it unburdens all the excess items that bombard us instead of giving us joy) will definitely make you want to join the minimalist way of living! <Will join her FB page/group Declutter MNL and try this myself!>


Bring Paper to Life with Watercolor by Tin Santos
Ms. Tin Santos
Ms. Tin Santos, a watercolor and calligraphy artist, taught the basic brush techniques which participants applied for their own artwork. She handled the class well, achieving the balance of giving encouragement and affirmation, as well as suggestions and answers to queries. She also gave us Bella participants a special gift -  a card with a picture of her work! The 90-minute workshop was indeed worth it! <3

Items from the Watercolor Workshop Kit

Brush Practice! Drew this flower myself! <so proud :D>
My finished art
Thank you Ms. Tin for this Professor Snape art :D
In addition, Goldilocks sponsored a decorate your cake workshop, where participants can take home the cake they decorated! Talk about a sweet treat! 

A pop up creative workshop was also held for those who purchased the Inspired Journal.

Goldilocks Cake Decorating Workshop
My Bella friend Tetam with her creation!
This cake is ready for Halloween! Awesome!

Crafters Market and  BDJ Selling and Customization

Meanwhile, the suppliers in the Crafters Market offered a wide array of kawaii stickers, pens, watercolor, calligraphy kits, clips, and other related items. It was a haven for journaling and creatives! I got myself a lot of journaling trinkets from this area! <for the raffle. *wink*>

Tokyo Finds Booth
Items for sale in the Crafters Market

Finally there was the main selling booth for the 2018 BDJ Power Planners (Smythe, Leather, & Discbound), Navi, Everything is Possible (EIP), Focus Journal, Quest Journal, Forget-me-not (FMN) Notebooks, and the new paper products. In case you miss the launch, you may check them out in here. 
BDJ Products <3

A lovely BDJ 2018 Planner in Smythe for my sis!


There were also a wide array of booths

My Bella friend Judy with the coupons used in certain booths.

  • Design Your Own Dreamboard 
Me and my Bella friend Mina at the Design Your Own Dreamboard Booth
My Veteran, MVP and new Bella friends bonding at the booth!
  •  DIY Feather Bookmark
My own Feather Bookmark!
  • Mendhi Tattoo

Check out the intricate designs!
Tetam with her new Mendhi Tatoo!

  • Bella Bestie
Get to know your Bestie in this corner!

  • Celeteque Beauty Booth 
  • Basilur Tea
Enjoy the taste of Basilur Tea

  • Wacoal Cotton Candy

  • Potato Corner
Fries, Fries, Fries!

  • Wilkins refreshments

  • Magnetic Photo Booth

  • Coupon Photo Booths
New Brand Partner - Scribe!

I'm a true Serenitea Girl. Bring on the Wintermelon MT and Peppered tofu!
Sporting my Revlon Super Lustrous in Raisin Rage :D

  • Pin Your Dreams

  • Reaction Video


Early bird Bellas get a free Wacoal towel and a PaperMoon GC upon registration! And as promised, a feather head piece was given for free for passion workshops ticket purchase!

Gift Certificates and a raffle entry were given away for every P500 purchase in the event. The BDJ Magnetic and Coupon Photo Booths, DIY Feather Bookmark, Bella Bestie, and the Reaction Video Booth Booth had a picture and post promo as well.

Meanwhile, the largest freebie would be coming from the loot bags! Participants got 1 lootbag for every talk and workshop they attended!

I got myself the towel, GCs, the feather headpiece, 3 loot bags from the talk, 1 workshop loot bag, and a Zenutrients gift bag from the raffle! <*lucky!*>


This year's Planner launch had been the best so far! Can't wait for the new year as I'm geared with my new planner, knowledge and blossoming friendships!

Till next time!

Jaa mata!

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